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Healthy Advice Column

When I drink milk I feel bloated and gassy. Could I be lactose intolerant?

Exactly what are hemorrhoids?

I am having trouble swallowing my food. What could be wrong?

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Can you explain alcoholic liver disease?

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Are all polyps early cancer?

Can Aspirin cause stomach ulcers?

What is a Gastroenterologist?

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I had rectal bleeding from hemorrhoids; should I be concerned?

I have passed some black stool. Is this unusual?

What is pancreatitis?

Is diverticulosis the same thing as diverticulitis?

I am healthy, 32 years old with chest pain. Could it be acid reflux?

My spouse was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Could I be infected?

My doctor said I could have Barrett's Esophagus. What is this?

I have had diabetes for many years. Can it affect my stomach.

What does ``high risk`` for colorectal cancer mean?

Recently I was treated for an ulcer with antibiotics. Is this a standard treatment?

How many bowel movements per day are considered normal?