One of my parents was recently treated for an ulcer with antibiotic. I didn’t know antibiotics were a standard treatment for ulcers.

Recently, physicians have found that nearly 90 percent of patients with duodenal ulcers have Helicobacter Pylori infection in the stomach as well. Known as H. Pylori, the infection is very common and the rates of infection increases with age. It is a fragile bacteria that finds an ideal home in the mucous layer of the stomach. From blood to breath tests, there are several diagnostic tests available to determine the existence of H. Pylori in your system. Treatment for acute ulcers includes acid-reducing medications and antibiotics. In addition, patients with ulcers need to avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and daily stress, as these factors aggravate ulcer symptoms. The specialists at Gastroenterology Specialist are board-certified experts. If you require treatment to deal with your ulcers, a board-certified physician is best suited to help you.